Planning & Pre-Planning / Vibration

PPG24 Noise Surveys (TAN 11 in Wales) are environmental noise assessments usually required at the planning application stage of a residential development. The purpose of the survey is to assess the current noise levels on a proposed development site to ensure occupiers will not be unduly affected by noise from roads, railway and aircraft activities.

The survey requires the hourly measurement of sound levels on the proposed development site at a number of locations, usually over a period of 24 hours during the working week. The resulting report will include mitigation advice where necessary to reduce the noise levels to an acceptable level. Mitigation may include improved glazing, alternative ventilation methods or physical barriers.

We provide a highly competitive full monitoring and consultancy service to meet the needs of developers during the planning process. Our reports are clear and easy to understand and are issued within 5 working days of the site survey.

This service can be provided by LABC Warranty

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