Air Pressure Testing

Air pressure testing measures the air tightness of a property in compliance with Building Regulations Part L in England and Wales (Section 6 in Scotland). The testing involves raising the air pressure inside the property by 50 Pascals using a fan inserted in the entrance doorway. The rate by which the internal air pressure returns to normal is then measured which indicates how airtight the building is. The minimum performance required is 10m3/m2/hr.

The result of the test is incorporated in the final SAP calculation and production of the EPC for the property. Testing shows how well properties will retain heat and in turn reduce carbon emissions, making them more efficient and cheaper to maintain.

Following the changes brought in with the new Approved Document L1 (October 2010) air pressure testing now needs to be undertaken of 50% of the units in each dwelling type (or 3 tests which ever is the lesser). This is likely to increase the number of tests on smaller sites (up to 50 units) while larger sites of 150 units or more are likely to require fewer tests.

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