Notifiable Inspections

In order for us to help ensure your project is constructed in compliance with the Regulations and to ultimately issue a Completion Certificate, we must perform various site inspections throughout the course of the build.

Please find below a list of the stages that we would expect to be notified of:

  • Commencement*
  • Excavations for foundation*
  • Foundation concrete*
  • Damp proof course*
  • Material Oversite*
  • Concrete Oversite*
  • Drain - when laid*
  • Drains - when tested*
  • Main structural element, whose failure would be significant (e.g. floor timbers, roof timbers, steel beams etc.)
  • Work relating to fire safety
  • Work affecting access and facilities for disabled people
  • Specific areas of unusual design or complexity
  • Occupation - prior to completion*
  • Completion*

* You have a statutory duty to inform us of these stages if they apply to your application, failure to comply with the provision of statutory notices may result in legal action