What is the difference between the Full Plans procedure and Building Notice?


There are two ways in which you can make a Building Regulation application:

Full Plans
With the Full Plans procedure, detailed drawings of the proposed work are submitted to Building Control and are checked to ensure the proposal meets the Regulations. If there are queries on the plans, a letter requesting modifications or additional information is sent. Once the plans show compliance, they are approved. If only minor changes are needed, the plans may be approved conditionally. You may download a Full Plans Form for completion and return with the appropriate documents and fee.

Building Notice
Plans are not required initially, although it may be necessary to provide drawings and/or structural calculations later. If the work is a new building or extension, a block plan showing the size and position of the proposal is needed so that the size can be verified on site and to ensure the proposal is not to be constructed over a public sewer. Building Notices are not acceptable for work to commercial buildings or buildings to which the public have access, as the Fire Authority consultation is necessary. You may download a Building Notice Form for completion and return with the appropriate documents and fees.

This advice relates solely to Building Control Opens in a new window matters and you should consult the planning pages of the website or the planning portal Opens in a new window website for advice on planning matters.