My neighbour has extended over the boundary, what can I do?


Boundary disputes are a private matter between neighbours, the Council cannot be party to any such disputes, unless of course they are the landowners involved. Neither the planning consent nor the Building Regulation approval confers a right to build over a boundary onto neighbours land.

Such disputes are best resolved, initially by consultation and if necessary negotiation.

At the end of the day parties may have to resort to solicitors advice and even formal legal action.

The Council cannot give you any information about the location of boundaries. Some information may be available from the Land Registry about the approximate size of a particular plot but they are not able to confirm the exact location of boundary lines. Visit the Land Registry web site ( in a new window

You should plan work so that foundations, walls, roof eaves and gutters do not encroach over boundaries except when this is done by negotiation. Remember that an informal agreement between you and your present neighbour may not be enforceable on any future neighbour. Ensure that you get negotiated agreements properly and formally agreed and any necessary changes made to deeds.

You may also need to inform the neighbour of your proposals under the Party Wall Act 1996

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This advice relates solely to Building Control Opens in a new window matters and you should consult the planning pages of the website or the planning portal Opens in a new window website for advice on planning matters.